OpenText Documentum Administrator / Webtop Open Redirection

Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-601

Title: OpenText Documentum Administrator and Webtop - Open Redirection Author: Jakub Palaczynski Date: 24. September 2017 CVE (Administrator): CVE-2017-14524 CVE (Webtop): CVE-2017-14525 Affected software: ================== Documentum Administrator Documentum Webtop Exploit was tested on: ====================== Documentum Administrator version 7.2.0180.0055 Documentum Webtop version 6.8.0160.0073 Other versions may also be vulnerable. Open Redirection - 2 instances: ======================== Please note that examples below are for Documentum Administrator, but the same exploitation takes place in Webtop. 1. First instance: It is possible to frame custom/malicious website on a trusted domain. This way an attacker may for example steal credentials via creating fake login form or redirect users to a malicious website. Proof of Concept: https://DOCUMENTUM/xda/help/en/default.htm?startat=// 2. Second instance: It is possible to redirect user to custom website. Besides redirection it also allows for stealing sensitive data - before redirection takes place application appends username and base64 encoded user's encrypted password ("ticket" parameter). Proof of Concept: Please note that PoC below works only in Internet Explorer browser as only this browser treats /%09/ as //, which makes redirection work. https://DOCUMENTUM/xda/component/virtuallinkconnect? Fix: === Contact: ====== Jakub[dot]Palaczynski[at]gmail[dot]com

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