NPM-V (Network Power Manager) 2.4.1 Password Reset

Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

NPM-V(Network Power Manager) <= 2.4.1 Reset Password Vulnerability Author: Saeed reza Zamanian [penetrationtest @ Linkedin] Product: NPM-V Affected Version : 2.4.1 and below Vendor : Product Link : Date: 2017 Sep 25 Manual: [*] NPM Introduction: The NPM(Network Power Manager) is a network manageable device that provides power monitoring, controlling and managements to many equipments in the rack cabinet of data center all over the world through LAN or WAN. For meeting with the restrictions and requirements in different environment, NPM supplies many connection methods that user can manage it through its Web interface(HTTP or HTTPS), Serial connection, Telnet or SNMP [*] Vulnerability Details: Based on security Check on this device , Authentication doesn't check on Device Admin Console an attacker can access to management console pages directly and without authentication. All files in these directories are directly accessible . /log/ /chart /device and /user . [*] PoC: An Attacker can directly access to below page and Add User or View Password or Change Administrator credential without authentication. if you browse this page you will see an html page likely the image exists on Page 13 (Figure 1-4) on Device Users Manual. http://[Device IP]/user/user.html #EOF

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