Apache Hadoop YARN NodeManager Password Leak

Credit: Vinayakumar B
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

CVE-2017-15718: Apache Hadoop YARN NodeManager vulnerability Severity: Important Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation Versions Affected: Hadoop 2.7.3, 2.7.4 Description: In Apache Hadoop 2.7.3 and 2.7.4, the security fix for CVE-2016-3086 is incomplete. The YARN NodeManager can leak the password for credential store provider used by the NodeManager to YARN Applications. If you use the CredentialProvider feature to encrypt passwords used in NodeManager configs, it may be possible for any Container launched by that NodeManager to gain access to the encryption password. The other passwords themselves are not directly exposed. Mitigation: 2.7.3 and 2.7.4 users should upgrade to 2.7.5. If you cannot upgrade to the latest version, set the permission of the jceks file appropriately to restrict access from unauthorized users. Credit: This issue was discovered by Vinayakumar B.

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