Transcend Wi-Fi SD Card Cross Site Request Forgery / Traversal

Credit: MustLive
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Hello list! There are Directory Traversal and Cross-Site Request Forgery vulnerabilities in Transcend Wi-Fi SD Card. ------------------------- Affected products: ------------------------- Vulnerable is the next model: Transcend Wi-Fi SD Card 16 GB, Firmware v.1.8. This model with other firmware versions and other Transcend models also can be vulnerable. Transcend didn't answer will they fix these and other holes. ---------- Details: ---------- There are two modes of connection to the flash card: Direct Share and Internet Mode. In the first mode device with Wi-Fi is connected to this card, and in the second mode the card itself is connected to Wi-Fi devices (access point, router or smartphone with enabled Personal Hotspot) - then all computers on the LAN will have access to it. All mentioned attacks work in both modes. Address - it's dynamic IP, that is assigned in second mode of work (DHCP at router or AP), the address will change. So it must be found first for attack. Like with IP scanning or in router's stats. Directory Traversal (WASC-33): Reading list of directories: Directory Traversal (WASC-33): Arbitrary files disclosure: This is configuration file with logins and passwords to admin panel, to flash card itself via Wi-Fi and to access point (Wi-Fi router). Cross-Site Request Forgery (WASC-09): Among multiple CSRF vulnerabilities in admin panel there is attack for remote login: In login process there is no captcha, so besides lack of protection against BF, also CSRF attack can be made. It's possible to remotely enter into admin panel (with default login and password) for conducting further CSRF attacks. <img src="http://admin:admin@"> ------------ Timeline: ------------ 2014.05.10 - found vulnerabilities in Transcend Wi-Fi SD Card 16 GB. 2015.08.01 - announced at my site. Later informed developers. They thanked, but didn't answer will they fix these vulnerabilities. 2017.01.28 - disclosed previous vulnerabilities at my site. 2017.03.28 - announced new vulnerabilities. 2017.04.02 - informed developers. They didn't answer. 2018.05.12 - disclosed at my site ( Best wishes & regards, MustLive Administrator of Websecurity web site

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