Apache Tapestry 5.3.6 HMAC Timing Attack

Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

CVE-2019-10071: Timing Attack in HMAC Verification in Apache Tapestry Affected versions: - Apache Tapestry 5.3.6 through current releases. Description: Apache Tapestry uses HMACs to verify the integrity of objects stored on the client side. This was added to address the Java deserialization vulnerability disclosed in CVE-2014-1972. In the fix for the previous vulnerability, the HMACs were compared by string comparison, which is known to be vulnerable to timing attacks. Mitigation: No new release of Tapestry has occurred since the issue was reported. Affected organizations may want to consider locally applying commit d3928ad44714b949d247af2652c84dae3c27e1b1. Timeline: - 2019-03-12: Issue discovered. - 2019-03-13: Issue reported to security@apache.org. - 2019-03-29: Pinged thread to ask for update. - 2019-04-19: Fix committed. - 2019-04-23: Asked about release timeline, response "in the upcoming months" - 2019-05-28: Pinging again about release. - 2019-06-24: Asked again, asked for CVE number assigned. No update on timeline. - 2019-08-22: Disclosure posted. This vulnerability was discovered by David Tomaschik of the Google Security Team. -- David Tomaschik Security Engineer ISA Assessments

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