MikroTik RouterOS Denial Of Service / Memory Corruption

Credit: Qian Chen
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Advisory: two vulnerabilities found in MikroTik's RouterOS Details ======= Product: MikroTik's RouterOS Affected Versions: until stable 6.45.7 (first vulnerability), until stable 6.46.4 (second vulnerability) Fixed Versions: stable 6.46.x (first vulnerability), stable 6.46.5 (second vulnerability) Vendor URL: https://mikrotik.com/ Vendor Status: fixed version released CVE: - Credit: Qian Chen(@cq674350529) of Qihoo 360 Nirvan Team Product Description ================== RouterOS is the operating system used on the MikroTik's devices, such as switch, router and access point. Description of vulnerabilities ========================== These two vulnerabilities were tested only against the MikroTik RouterOS stable release tree when found. Maybe other release trees also suffer from these vulnerabilities. 1. The cerm process suffers from an uncontrolled resource consumption issue. By sending a crafted packet, an authenticated remote user can cause a high cpu load, which may make the device respond slowly or unable to respond. 2. The traceroute process suffers from a memory corruption issue. By sending a crafted packet, an authenticated remote user can crash the traceroute process due to invalid memory access. Solution ======== Upgrade to the corresponding latest RouterOS tree version. References ========== [1] https://mikrotik.com/download/changelogs/stable-release-tree



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