10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor 3.9 Unquoted Service Path

Credit: Bobby Cooke
Risk: High
Local: Yes
Remote: No

# Exploit Title: Bandwidth Monitor 3.9 - Unquoted Services Paths # Exploit Author: Bobby Cooke # Date: 2020-07-15 # Vendor Site: https://www.10-strike.com/ # Software Download: https://www.10-strike.com/bandwidth-monitor/bandwidth-monitor.exe # Tested On: Windows 10 - Pro 1909 (x86) # Version: version 3.9 # Vulnerability Type: Local Privilege Escalation to LocalSystem by Unquoted Service Path. # Vulnerability Description: The 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor v3.9 services "Svc10StrikeBandMontitor", "Svc10StrikeBMWD", and "Svc10StrikeBMAgent" suffer from unquoted service path vulnerabilities that allow attackers to achieve Privilege Escalation to SYSTEM, at startup, by placing a malicious binary in the truncated service path; such as "C:\Program.exe". C:\Users\boku>wmic service get name,pathname,startmode,StartName | findstr "10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor" Svc10StrikeBandMonitor C:\Program Files\10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor\BMsvc.exe Auto LocalSystem Svc10StrikeBMWD C:\Program Files\10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor\BMWDsvc.exe Auto LocalSystem Svc10StrikeBMAgent C:\Program Files\10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor Agent\BMAgent.exe Auto LocalSystem

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