Gantt-Chart For Jira 5.5.4 Cross Site Scripting

Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes

CVSS Base Score: 3.5/10
Impact Subscore: 2.9/10
Exploitability Subscore: 6.8/10
Exploit range: Remote
Attack complexity: Medium
Authentication: Single time
Confidentiality impact: None
Integrity impact: Partial
Availability impact: None

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 Advisory ID: SYSS-2020-030 Product: Jira module "Gantt-Chart for Jira" Manufacturer: Frank Polscheit - Solutions & IT-Consulting Affected Version(s): <=5.5.4 Tested Version(s): 5.5.3, 5.5.4 Vulnerability Type: Cross-Site Scripting (CWE-79) Risk Level: Medium Solution Status: Fixed Manufacturer Notification: 2020-07-23 Solution Date: 2020-07-31 Public Disclosure: 2020-08-03 CVE Reference: CVE-2020-15944 Author of Advisory: Sebastian Auwaerter, SySS GmbH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Overview: Gantt-Chart for Jira is a Jira module for displaying Gantt charts. The manufacturer describes the product as follows (see [1]): "High performance Gantt-Chart capable to display multi-projects with 10.000+ issues aggregating them as top-level big picture" Due to missing validation of user input, the module is vulnerable to a persistent cross-site scripting attack. As described in security advisory SYSS-2020-029 (see [4]), it is also possible to attack other users with this attack vector. To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker has to be authenticated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vulnerability Details: The vulnerability exists because the names of newly created filters are not properly sanitized by the extension. A simple attack vector like "<script>alert('XSS')</script>" can be chosen as the name of a filter and is then displayed on every load of the vulnerable module. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Proof of Concept (PoC): This security vulnerability can be reproduced by simply creating a new filter with the "filter name" "<script>alert('XSS')</script>". Whenever the dashboard with the vulnerable module is loaded, the attack vector gets executed. The following request is sent to the web server: PUT /rest/gantt/1.0/user/properties/<chart_id>?userKey=<your_user_name> HTTP/1.1 Host: <victim_host> [...] [...]"filters":{{"search":""},"<script>alert(\"XSS\")</script>"}[...] !!! This filter can not be easily removed via the web interface. !!! !!! Use with caution. !!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Solution: Update to software version 5.5.5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclosure Timeline: 2020-07-21: Vulnerability discovered 2020-07-23: Vulnerability reported to manufacturer 2020-07-31: Patch released by manufacturer 2020-08-03: Public disclosure of vulnerability ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ References: [1] Product Website for Jira Module "Gantt-Chart" [2] SySS Security Advisory SYSS-2020-030 [3] SySS Responsible Disclosure Policy [4] SySS Security Advisory SYSS-2020-029 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credits: This security vulnerability was found by Sebastian Auwaerter of SySS GmbH. E-Mail: Public Key: Key Fingerprint: F98C 3E12 6713 19D9 9E2F BE3E E9A3 0D48 E2F0 A8B6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer: The information provided in this security advisory is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind. Details of this security advisory may be updated in order to provide as accurate information as possible. The latest version of this security advisory is available on the SySS website. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAEBCgAdFiEE+Yw+EmcTGdmeL74+6aMNSOLwqLYFAl8oFcIACgkQ6aMNSOLw qLbWlQ//Z8n259oL2XArwBpHhv7Le8MEbPmE255MtUSr4JUsNus3Rrsie5zJE9Hb Sqfom7a/CPgjKJs1WiaKH0D6UmUWX8nPY2wEE9FtTdNQ/E48QiqtgD4XFA5oUBTx pawGADuia9NY4wYcTofe5IJBMci+jhxJDQv394zywhRzg3OTiB8UdPYBGbCJnywO O8xV5vwkw+8LuQAVdFbjpZMrjT8C/yuC2MrOCt+gtV4eF7isMaMarTwZjQFX4wNY 3twritwL/wQPvsftTfpZ9dWX31qaRA9pLBZPsyQi1HU4Pp4O4zMB4j+aH5gqmIGF B+m6m9hZVE/3Sz5OspXUfShnUwRkFWRob7Xzbl7s+nWMitN+/2P3MAlus6JBbPgj 5/HPwlthXrlXcY/mu4M9Aan9pay+gKArRIQ82gI2Zbe5S8yp+2NhWNH64Nl3dKSm L5JHflvh8veGDCOSuzYdoU2GJywhFQ4aMMuhnleA8zJBSBdFmUbyelXFrUEE4KZ8 0E5N3Fg3vbvdYpp+Ow+X+t5vj7gZcpURn3OwY78oR3nKICWASDjDG+WT5oAcjl6R arDE2MEffya4EP70fOhhwDM3Sjvgiw1CXDKRLHavZ+bWNHpbLLu3swWHD5kUpM1X Qx1STPwGf0bUEsiE8mmhHx+w17q/O+hAgoU9Fw2cQObAkxJ4ilQ= =5Gtt -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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