Chrome CVE-2022-1096 Incomplete Fix

Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Chrome: Incomplete fix for CVE-2022-1096 VULNERABILITY DETAILS The fix for has modified `SetPropertyInternal()` to fall back to `SetSuperProperty()` whenever a property access interceptor is encountered because `SetSuperProperty()` is robust against possible side effects caused by interceptors. Unfortunately, the function `JSObject::DefineOwnPropertyIgnoreAttributes()` is also affected by the bug and requires the same change. VERSION Google Chrome 100.0.4896.60 (Official Build) (arm64) Chromium 102.0.4972.0 (Developer Build) (64-bit) REPRODUCTION CASE To make the exploit functional again, the attacker only needs to replace one property store with an `Object.defineProperty()` call: ``` <script> style = document.createElement('p').style; Object.defineProperty(style, 'prop', { value: { toString() { style.prop = 1 } } }); </script> ``` The repro case above triggers the same DCHECK failure: ``` # # Fatal error in ../../v8/src/objects/, line 437 # Debug check failed: map->instance_descriptors(isolate) .Search(*name, map->NumberOfOwnDescriptors()) .is_not_found(). # ``` CREDIT INFORMATION Sergei Glazunov of Google Project Zero This bug is subject to a 90-day disclosure deadline. If a fix for this issue is made available to users before the end of the 90-day deadline, this bug report will become public 30 days after the fix was made available. Otherwise, this bug report will become public at the deadline. The scheduled deadline is 2022-06-28. Related CVE Numbers: CVE-2022-1232,CVE-2022-1096. Found by:

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