perfSONAR - v4.x <= v4.4.4 - Open Web Proxy (Unauthenticated)

us Ryan Moore (US) us
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: N/A Vendor: perfSONAR Link: Affected Versions: v4.x <= v4.4.4 Vulnerability Type: Open Proxy Relay Vulnerability Family: CGI Abuses Discovered by: Ryan Moore CVE: CVE-2022-41412 Summary perfSONAR bundles with it a graphData.cgi script, used to graph and visualize data. There is a flaw in graphData.cgi allowing for unauthenticated users to proxy and relay HTTP/HTTPS traffic through the perfSONAR server. The vulnerability can potentially be leveraged to exfiltrate or enumerate data from internal web servers. This vulnerability was patched in perfSONAR v4.4.5. There is a whitelisting function that will mitigate, but is disabled by default. Proof of Concept Examples Here are three examples of this vulnerability in use. To pass a regex match, the URL must include /esmond/perfsonar/archive/../../../ . Example 1: In this example, is proxied through perfSONAR server. This is an image Example 2: In this example, sample data is exfiltrated from another adjacent internal web host, running an arbitrary port 4444. Example 3: In this example, we are able to download a malicious Powershell script through the perfSONAR server. Remediation Enable whitelisting in perfSONAR. Update perfSONAR to 4.4.5 or newer.


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