MOV.AI Robotics Engine 2.2.3-3 Improper Access Control

Credit: Thurein Soe
Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes
CWE: CWE-284

Manufacturer: MOV.AI Product Name: MOV.AI Robotics Engine Vendor Home Page: Affected Version(s): MOV.AI Robotics Engine v2.2.3-3 Patch Release: MOV.AI Robotics Engine v2.2.3-4 Patched Version Release: 22 September 2022 Vulnerability Type: Improper Access Control (CWE-284) CVE Reference: CVE-2022-46621 Author of Advisory: Thurein Soe Vendor Description: MOV.AI is a Robotics Engine platform based on ROS. It is packaged in an intuitive web-based interface to develop autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). It integrates with navigation, localization, calibration, and the enterprise-grade tools they need for advanced automation. Vulnerability description: An improper access control vulnerability in MOV.AI Robotics Engine v2.2.3-3 version allows an unauthenticated user to delete an existing user or create new user-privileged functionality in the application upon successfully authenticated user logout from the application due to failure to terminate the authenticated session immediately after authenticated user logout. References: Disclosure Timeline: 06 July 2022: Found security vulnerability during a security assessment 08 July 2022: Customer reported finding a security vulnerability to MOV.AI 15 September 2022: further details of remediation steps sent to MOV.AI 22 September 2022: Patch released for MOV.AI Customer by MOV.AI Credits: Thurein Soe ``` Other submissions will send separately. Best Regards Thurein

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