RansomLord v3 - Anti-Ransomware Exploitation Tool / New Release

Credit: malvuln
Risk: Medium
Local: Yes
Remote: No

Proof-of-concept tool that automates the creation of PE files, used to exploit ransomware pre-encryption. Updated v3: https://github.com/malvuln/RansomLord/releases/tag/v3 Lang: C 810229C7E62D5EDDD3DA9FFA19D04A31D71F9C36D05B6A614FEF496E88656FF5 Video PoC (old v2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ho0bpeJWqI RansomLord generated PE files are saved to disk in the x32 or x64 directories where the program is run from. Goal is to exploit vulnerabilities inherent in certain strains of ransomware by deploying exploits that defend the network! The DLLs may also provide additional coverage against generic and info stealer malwares. RansomLord v3 release notes: Adding six more Ransomware to the victim list for a grand total of 49 StopCrypt, RisePro, RuRansom, MoneyMessage, CryptoFortress and Onyx. Windows event log now includes SHA256 hash of the intercepted malware. https://github.com/malvuln/RansomLord MALVULN

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