Microsoft PlayReady Data Leak

Credit: Adam Gowdiak
Risk: Medium
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Hello All, On Jun 11, 2024 Microsoft engineer posted on a public forum information about a crash experienced with Apple TV service on a Surface Pro 9 device [1]. The post had an attachment - a 771MB file (4GB unpacked), which leaked internal code (260+ files [2]) pertaining to Microsoft PlayReady such as the following: - Warbird configuration for building PlayReady library - Warbird library implementing code obfuscation functionality - static libraries with symbolic information either required or related to PlayReady client library building, this includes OEM, crypto, ARM TEE / HW related libs a preprocessed C++ header file with PlayReady constants, unpublished classes and their methods declaration In general the above leaked key information related to PlayReady internals and implementation. Leaked data should be sufficient to completely reverse engineer Microsoft PlayReady operation (HW based one in particular). As such, on Jun 12, 2024 we notified Microsoft PlayReady and MSRC about the leak shortly following its discovery. We verified that it is possible to build Windows.Media.Protection.PlayReady.dll library (debug build and without Warbird encryption / obfuscation) from the leaked code. A follow up post by another Microsoft engineer provided guidelines on how to proceed with the building process [4] (this post has been also removed). We also verified that Microsoft Symbol Server didn’t block request for PDB file corresponding to Microsoft internal warbird.dll binary (another leak / bug at Microsoft end). The leak violated Microsoft's own guidelines [5] for posting link repro information in public. These guidlines clearly state the following among others: - "All information in reports and any comments and replies are publicly visible by default" - "Don't put anything you want to keep private in the title or content of the initial report, which is public" - "To maintain your privacy and keep your sensitive information out of public view, be careful" The described leaks are yet another manifestation of what we have been already aware of - the problems and inconsistencies observed at Microsoft end with respect to PlayReady security and the way secrecy of the implementation is implemented and/or maintained by the company. While Microsoft removed the post (within 12 hours from the notification), the company hasn't removed the leak itself so far [3]. There are some chances this post is to put Microsoft to action though... Thank you. Best Regards, Adam Gowdiak ---------------------------------- Security Explorations - AG Security Research Lab ---------------------------------- References: [1] MSPR leak (screenshot 1) [2] MSPR leak (files list) [3] MSPR leak (screenshot 2) [4] MSPR leak (screenshot 3) [5] How to report a problem with the Microsoft C++ toolset or documentation (Reports and privacy)

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