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Stack-based buffer overflow in slssvc.exe before 58.x in Invensys Wonderware SuiteLink in the Invensys System Platform software suite, as used in InTouch/Wonderware Application Server IT before 10.5 and WAS before 3.5, DASABCIP before 4.1 SP2, DASSiDirect before 3.0, DAServer Runtime Components before 3.0 SP2, and other products, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (daemon crash or hang) via a long Unicode string.


 >>> Vendor: Invensys 20 Products
Wonderware application server
Wonderware archestra configuration access component activex control
Foxboro i/a series batch
Wonderware inbatch
Wonderware information server
Wonderware hmi reports
Archestra application object toolkit
Foxboro control software
Infusion control edition
Infusion foundation edition
Infusion scada
Daserver runtime components
Intouch/wonderware application server
Infusion ce/fe/scada
Wonderware historian
Wonderware intouch
Wonderware win-xml exporter

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