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A hard-coded password issue was discovered in Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) PerformA, Version and prior versions, and KLA Journal Service, Version 1.0.51 and prior versions. They use hard-coded passwords to access the BD Kiestra Database, which could be leveraged to compromise the confidentiality of limited PHI/PII information stored in the BD Kiestra Database.


 >>> Vendor: BD 16 Products
Alaris 8015 pc unit
Kla journal service
Database manager
Alaris cc firmware
Alaris gh firmware
Alaris gs firmware
Alaris tiva firmware
Facslyric ivd
Alaris gateway workstation firmware
Alaris cc syringe pump firmware
Alaris gh syringe pump firmware
Alaris gs syringe pump firmware
Alaris tiva syringe pump firmware

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