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An issue was discovered on Tenda AC9 V15.03.05.19(6318)_CN and AC10 V15.03.06.23_CN devices. The mac parameter in a POST request is used directly in a doSystemCmd call, causing OS command injection.



An issue was discovered on Tenda AC7 V15.03.06.44_CN, AC9 V15.03.05.19(6318)_CN, AC10 V15.03.06.23_CN, AC15 V15.03.05.19_CN, and AC18 V15.03.05.19(6318)_CN devices. There is a buffer overflow vulnerability in the router's web server. While processing the ssid parameter for a POST request, the value is directly used in a sprintf call to a local variable placed on the stack, which overrides the return address of the function, causing a buffer overflow.



Tenda AC7 through V15.03.06.44_CN, AC9 through V15.03.05.19(6318)_CN, and AC10 through V15.03.06.23_CN devices have a Stack-based Buffer Overflow via a long limitSpeed or limitSpeedup parameter to an unspecified /goform URI.


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