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Systems using the Marel Food Processing Systems Pluto platform do not restrict remote access. Marel has created an update for Pluto-based applications. This update will restrict remote access by implementing SSH authentication.


 >>> Vendor: Marel 24 Products
Ipm3 dual cam firmware
A530 firmware
T374 firmware
A571 firmware
Flowlineqc t376 firmware
Sensorx13 qc flow line firmware
P520 firmware
T377 firmware
Check bin grader firmware
V36b firmware
V36 firmware
A520 master firmware
Sensorx23 qc slave firmware
A325 firmware
A542 firmware
A520 slave firmware
A320 firmware
V36c firmware
Sensorx23 qc master firmware
P574 firmware
A371 firmware
Speed batcher firmware

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