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'Identity management and governance'



EMC RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle versions 7.0.1, 7.0.2 (all patch levels); RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance version 7.0 (all patch levels); and RSA Identity Management and Governance (IMG) version 6.9.1 (all patch levels) have Reflected Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by malicious users to compromise an affected system.


 >>> Vendor: RSA 39 Products
Ace server
Bsafe ssl-j sdk
Ace agent
Authentication agent for web
Securid web agent
Bsafe cert-c
Bsafe crypto-c
Keon certificate authority manager
Authentication manager
Keon registration authority web interface
Authentication agent
Adaptive authentication
Federated identity manager
Access manager agent
Access manager server
Authentication client
Securid software token converter
Securid appliance
Authentication agent for windows
Authentication api
Pluggable authentication module
Pluggable authentication module agent
Bsafe crypto-c me
Bsafe crypto-c me mfp psos
Bsafe crypto-c me mfp vxworks
Bsafe crypto-j
Bsafe crypto-j jsafe and jce
Adaptive authentication (on premise)
Identity management and governance
Governance and lifecycle
Lifecycle and governance
Archer grc platform
Bsafe cert-j
Bsafe ssl-j

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