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The Chuango 433 MHz burglar-alarm product line is vulnerable to a Denial of Service attack. When the condition is triggered, the OV2 base station is unable to process sensor states and effectively prevents the alarm from setting off, as demonstrated by Chuango branded products, and non-Chuango branded products such as the Eminent EM8617 OV2 Wifi Alarm System.


 >>> Vendor: Chuango 19 Products
A11 pstn/lcd/rfid touch alarm system firmware
A8 pstn alarm system firmware
Awv plus wifi alarm system firmware
B11 dual-network alarm system firmware
Cg-105s on-site alarm system firmware
G3 gsm/sms alarm system firmware
G5 plus gsm/sms/rfid touch alarm system firmware
G5w 3g firmware
Wifi/cellular smart home system h4 plus firmware
Wifi alarm system firmware
A11 firmware
A8 firmware
Awv plus firmware
B11 firmware
Cg-105s firmware
G3 firmware
G5 plus firmware
G5w firmware
H4 plus firmware

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