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An attacker could leverage an API to pass along a malicious file that could then manipulate the process creation command line in MDT AutoSave versions prior to v6.02.06 and run a command line argument. This could then be leveraged to run a malicious process.



An attacker can gain knowledge of a session temporary working folder where the getfile and putfile commands are used in MDT AutoSave versions prior to v6.02.06. An attacker can leverage this knowledge to provide a malicious command to the working directory where the read and write activity can be initiated.



A getfile function in MDT AutoSave versions prior to v6.02.06 enables a user to supply an optional parameter, resulting in the processing of a request in a special manner. This can result in the execution of an unzip command and place a malicious .exe file in one of the locations the function looks for and get execution capabilities.


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