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Incomplete List of Disallowed Inputs vulnerability in Mitsubishi Electric MC Works64 versions 4.00A ( to 4.04E (, ICONICS GENESIS64 versions 10.95.3 to 10.97, ICONICS Hyper Historian versions 10.95.3 to 10.97, ICONICS AnalytiX versions 10.95.3 to 10.97 and ICONICS MobileHMI versions 10.95.3 to 10.97 allows a remote unauthenticated attacker to bypass the authentication of MC Works64, GENESIS64, Hyper Historian, AnalytiX and MobileHMI, and gain unauthorized access to the products, by sending specially crafted WebSocket packets to FrameWorX server, one of the functions of the products.



Plaintext Storage of a Password vulnerability in Mitsubishi Electric MC Works64 versions 4.04E ( and prior and ICONICS GENESIS64 versions 10.90 to 10.97 allows a local authenticated attacker to gain authentication information and to access the database illegally. This is because when configuration information of GridWorX, a database linkage function of GENESIS64 and MC Works64, is exported to a CSV file, the authentication information is saved in plaintext, and an attacker who can access this CSV file can gain the authentication information.



Buffer Over-read vulnerability in Mitsubishi Electric MC Works64 versions 4.00A ( to 4.04E (, ICONICS GENESIS64 versions 10.97 and prior and ICONICS Hyper Historian versions 10.97 and prior allows an attacker to cause a DoS condition in the database server by getting a legitimate user to import a configuration file containing specially crafted stored procedures into GENESIS64 or MC Works64 and execute commands against the database from GENESIS64 or MC Works64.



A specially crafted communication packet sent to the affected systems could cause a denial-of-service condition due to improper deserialization. This issue affects: Mitsubishi Electric MC Works64 version 4.02C ( and earlier, all versions; Mitsubishi Electric MC Works32 version 3.00A (; ICONICS GenBroker64, Platform Services, Workbench, FrameWorX Server version 10.96 and prior; ICONICS GenBroker32 version 9.5 and prior.


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