Multiple Vulnerabilities: LedgerSMB < 1.2.15

Credit: Chris Travers
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Multiple vulnerabilities: LedgerSMB Synopsis: Two vulnerabilities announced in LedgerSMB for versions prior to 1.2.15 Status: Corrected in version 1.2.15 and later (vendor fix available). Impact: Resource exhaustion on server, arbitrary SQL command execution. Other software affected: SQL-Ledger, all versions, and likely related software Two vulnerabilities have been recently discovered in LedgerSMB which have been patched in version 1.2.15 and later. Vulnerability 1: Resource exhaustion Problem: The CGI scripts read the query string up to $ENV{CONTENT_LENGTH}, allowing for unlimited data in POST operations to any screen. Authentication is not required and this can be used to deny service not only to LedgerSMB but potentially to anything else running on the server. This was corrected in 1.2.15. Credit for discovery: Chris Murtagh Vulnerability 2: SQL Injection in AR/AP Transactions Report A parameter was not properly validated prior to being included in the SQL for generating this report. It would have been possible to inject arbitrary SQL into the query. Authentication is required to exploit. This was corrected in 1.2.15. Credit for discovery: Seneca Cunningham


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