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Multiple cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities in the web interface in the Scheduler in SolarWinds (formerly Serv-U) FTP Voyager 16.2.0 allow remote attackers to hijack the authentication of users for requests that (1) change the admin password, (2) terminate the scheduler, or (3) possibly execute arbitrary commands via crafted requests to Admin/XML/Result.xml.


 >>> Vendor: Solarwinds 46 Products
Tftp server
Orion network performance monitor
Ip address manager web interface
Network configuration manager
Log and event manager
Server and application monitor
Orion ip address manager
Orion netflow traffic analyzer
Orion network configuration manager
Orion server and application manager
Orion user device tracker
Orion voip & network quality manager
Orion web performance monitor
Firewall security manager
Storage manager
N-able n-central
Storage resource monitor
Virtualization manager
Ftp voyager
Log & event manager
Network performance monitor
Sftp/scp server
Orion platform
Serv-u ftp server
Damewire mini remote control
Database performance analyzer
Dameware mini remote control firmware
Dameware remote support
Serv-u managed file transfer
Managed service provider patch management engine
Advanced monitoring agent
Help desk
Web help desk
Patch manager
Orion virtual infrastructure monitor
Serv-u file server
Dameware mini remote control
Kiwi cattools
Kiwi syslog server
Access rights manager

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