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Zulip is an open source team chat server. In affected versions Zulip allows organization administrators on a server to configure "linkifiers" that automatically create links from messages that users send, detected via arbitrary regular expressions. Malicious organization administrators could subject the server to a denial-of-service via regular expression complexity attacks; most simply, by configuring a quadratic-time regular expression in a linkifier, and sending messages that exploited it. A regular expression attempted to parse the user-provided regexes to verify that they were safe from ReDoS -- this was both insufficient, as well as _itself_ subject to ReDoS if the organization administrator entered a sufficiently complex invalid regex. Affected users should [upgrade to the just-released Zulip 4.7](, or [`main`](



An error in the implementation of an autosubscribe feature in the check_stream_exists route of the Zulip group chat application server before 1.4.3 allowed an authenticated user to subscribe to a private stream that should have required an invitation from an existing member to join. The issue affects all previously released versions of the Zulip server.


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