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BEA Tuxedo 8.0 before RP392 and 8.1 before RP293, and WebLogic Enterprise 5.1 before RP174, echo the password in cleartext, which allows physically proximate attackers to obtain sensitive information via the (1) cnsbind, (2) cnsunbind, or (3) cnsls commands.



Directory traversal vulnerability in the Test View Console in BEA WebLogic Integration 9.2 before SP1 and WebLogic Workshop 8.1 SP2 through SP6, when "deployed in an exploded format," allows remote attackers to list a WebLogic Workshop Directory (wlwdir) parent directory via unspecified vectors.



Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in WebLogic Integration 7.0 and 2.0, Liquid Data 1.1, and WebLogic Server and Express 5.1 through 7.0, allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary web script and steal authentication credentials via (1) a forward instruction to the Servlet container or (2) other vulnerabilities in the WebLogic Server console application.



An undocumented extension for the Servlet mappings in the Servlet 2.3 specification, when upgrading to WebLogic Server and Express 7.0 Service Pack 1 from BEA WebLogic Server and Express 6.0 through, does not prepend a "/" character in certain URL patterns, which prevents the proper enforcement of role mappings and policies in applications that use the extension.


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