ScozBook BETA 1.1 vulnerabilities

Credit: euronymous
Risk: High
Local: No
Remote: Yes

=:=:=::=:=:=::=:=:=::=:=:=::=:=:=::=:=:=::=:=:=::= topic: ScozBook BETA 1.1 vulnerabilities product: ScozBook BETA 1.1 vendor: risk: high date: 03/29/2k3 discovered by: euronymous /F0KP advisory urls: =:=:=::=:=:=::=:=:=::=:=:=::=:=:=::=:=:=::=:=:=::= description ----------- 1) script injection add.php script doesnt check the variables $username, $useremail, $aim, $msn, $sitename and $siteaddy. so, u can insert there any evil html, javascript code in these fields. http://hostname/scozbook/add.php 2) path disclosure u can call the view.php script with PG parameter, value of that is not exists, then u will see full system path of guestbook: http://hostname/scozbook/view.php?PG=any_bullshit =============================================================== Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in c:\apache\htdocs\scozbook\view.php on line 75 =============================================================== shouts: R00tC0de, DWC, DHG, HUNGOSH,, all russian security guyz!! to kate especially )) f*ck_off: slavomira and other dirty ppl in *.kz $#%&^! ================ im not a lame, not yet a hacker ================

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