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A Stack-based Buffer Overflow issue was discovered in Xiongmai Technology IP Cameras and DVRs using the NetSurveillance Web interface. The stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability has been identified, which may allow an attacker to execute code remotely or crash the device. After rebooting, the device restores itself to a more vulnerable state in which Telnet is accessible.


 >>> Vendor: Xiongmaitech 139 Products
Ahb7004t-g-v4 firmware
Ahb7004t-gl-v4 firmware
Ahb7004t-gs-v3 firmware
Ahb7004t-h-v2 firmware
Ahb7004t-lm-v3 firmware
Ahb7004t-lme-v3 firmware
Ahb7004t-mh-v2 firmware
Ahb7004t-mh-v3 firmware
Ahb7008f2-g-v4 firmware
Ahb7008f2-h firmware
Ahb7008f4-g-v4 firmware
Ahb7008f4-h firmware
Ahb7008f8-g-v4 firmware
Ahb7008f8-h firmware
Ahb7008t-gl-v4 firmware
Ahb7008t-gs-v3 firmware
Ahb7008t-h-v2 firmware
Ahb7008t-lm-v2 firmware
Ahb7008t-lm-v3 firmware
Ahb7008t-lme-v3 firmware
Ahb7008t-mh-v2 firmware
Ahb7008t-mh-v3 firmware
Ahb7008t4-h-v2 firmware
Ahb7016f2-gl-v4 firmware
Ahb7016f4-gl-v4 firmware
Ahb7016f8-gl-v4 firmware
Ahb7016f8-gs-v3 firmware
Ahb7016t-gs-v3 firmware
Ahb7016t-lm-v2 firmware
Ahb7016t-lm-v3 firmware
Ahb7016t-lme-v3 firmware
Ahb7016t-mh-v2 firmware
Ahb7016t-mh-v3 firmware
Ahb7016t4-gs-v3 firmware
Ahb7016t4-mh-v2 firmware
Ahb7032f2-gs-v3 firmware
Ahb7032f2-lm-v3 firmware
Ahb7032f4-gs-v3 firmware
Ahb7032f4-lm-v2 firmware
Ahb7032f4-lm-v3 firmware
Ahb7032f8-gs-v3 firmware
Ahb7032f8-lm-v2 firmware
Ahb7804r-lm-v3 firmware
Ahb7804r-lms-v3 firmware
Ahb7804r-mh-v3 firmware
Ahb7804r-ms-v3 firmware
Ahb7808r-lm-v3 firmware
Ahb7808r-mh-v3 firmware
Ahb7808r-ms-v3 firmware
Ipg-50h10pe-s firmware
Ipg-50h10pe-sl firmware
Ipg-50h10pe-wk-2f firmware
Ipg-50h10pe-wk firmware
Ipg-50h10pe-wp firmware
Ipg-50h10pl-ae firmware
Ipg-50h10pl-b firmware
Ipg-50h10pl-p firmware
Ipg-50h10pl-r firmware
Ipg-50h10pl-s firmware
Ipg-50h20pt-s firmware
Ipg-50hv10pt-a firmware
Ipg-50hv10pt-s firmware
Ipg-50hv10pt-wp firmware
Ipg-50hv10pv-a firmware
Ipg-50hv10pv-s firmware
Ipg-50hv20pes-s firmware
Ipg-50hv20pet-a firmware
Ipg-50hv20pet-s firmware
Ipg-50hv20psa-s firmware
Ipg-50hv20psb-a firmware
Ipg-50hv20psb-s firmware
Ipg-50x10pe-s firmware
Ipg-50x10pt-s firmware
Ipg-52h10pl-b firmware
Ipg-52h10pl-p firmware
Ipg-53h10pe-s firmware
Ipg-53h13p-ae firmware
Ipg-53h13p-b firmware
Ipg-53h13p-p firmware
Ipg-53h13p-s firmware
Ipg-53h13pe-s firmware
Ipg-53h13pe-wk-4f firmware
Ipg-53h13pe-wk firmware
Ipg-53h13pe-wp firmware
Ipg-53h13pes-s firmware
Ipg-53h13pes-sl firmware
Ipg-53h13pet-s firmware
Ipg-53h13pl-ae firmware
Ipg-53h13pl-b firmware
Ipg-53h13pl-p firmware
Ipg-53h13pl-r firmware
Ipg-53h13pl-s firmware
Ipg-53h13pls-s firmware
Ipg-53h20pl-ae firmware
Ipg-53h20pl-b firmware
Ipg-53h20pl-p firmware
Ipg-53h20pl-s firmware
Ipg-53h20py-s firmware
Ipg-53hv13pa-a firmware
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